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Office of Student Affairs

  1. "Providence University Organization Charters of Student Autonomous Association "
  2. "PROVIDENCE UNIVERSITY Student Leave Regulation "
  3. "PROVIDENCE UNIVERSITY Student Awards and Punishment Implementation Regulation "
  4. "Providence University Student Conduct Grades Assessment and Accounting Regulation "
  5. "Providence University Low-income Students Aid Funds Implementation Regulation "
  6. "Providence University Students Emergency Relief Fund Installation Regulation "
  7. "Providence University Schooling-Aid Services Implementation Regulation for Low-income Students "
  8. "Providence University Students Dormitory Management Regulation "
  9. Living Map
  10. Off-campus Housing Check List
  11. "Providence University Happy Gardener Activity Execution Regulation "
  12. "Providence University Lost and Found Operation Regulation "
  13. "Providence University Smoking Prevention Implementation Regulation "
  14. "Providence University Location Map of Smoking Areas "
  15. "Case Classification Providence University Student Autonomous Association Admissible Student Petition Cases Classification and Procedure "
  16. "Providence University Students Autonomous Association Treatment Procedure Diagram of Student Petition Cases "
  17. Student Petition Channels of Student Autonomous Association
  18. "Providence University Student Association Student Petition/Recommendation Form "
  19. "Providence University Student Health Examination Implementation Regulation "
  20. "Providence University Student Accident and Injury/Disease Emergency Treatment Regulation "
  21. "Providence University Student Petition Appraisal Regulation "
  22. "Providence University Student Petition Treatment Flowchart "
  23. "Providence University Student Petition Event Application Form "
  24. "Providence University Student Petition Affidavit "
  25. "Providence University Student Petition Appraisal Decision Report " Admin
  26. "Providence University Student Petition Appraisal Decision Report " Non-Admin
  27. Gender event handling operation