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Office of Academic Affairs

  1. Providence University Academic Regulations
  2. Providence University Regulations on Qualification for Graduation
  3. "Providence University Regulations on Qualification for Five-Year Combined BA-MA Programs "
  4. "Providence University Regulations on Degree Exams for Graduate Students "
  5. "Providence University Regulations on transfer of course credits "
  6. "Providence University Regulations on major transfer for baccalaureate program students "
  7. "Providence University Regulations on major (graduate institute) transfer for master degree program students "
  8. "Providence University Regulations on double major for baccalaureate program students "
  9. "Providence University Regulations on minor study for baccalaureate program students "
  10. "Providence University Regulations on direct pursuit of doctorates "
  11. "Providence University Guidelines for operation of waiver of Introduction to computer "
  12. "Providence University Regulations on course enrolments by students "
  13. "Providence University Enforcement rules of summer courses "
  14. "Providence University Regulations on leaves in exams and make-up exams "
  15. "Providence University Rules of exams "
  16. "Providence University Guidelines for application for early term-end exams by exchange students "
  17. "Providence University Guidelines for operation of selection of domestic exchange students "
  18. "Providence University Enforcement rules of teaching evaluations "
  19. "Providence University Guidelines for operation of response of opinions on teaching "
  20. Regulations Governing Selection of Excellent Adjunct Learning Assistant in Providence University
  21. Implementation Directions for Individual Learning Counseling of Providence University
  22. Creation Directions for Adjunct Learning Assistant of Providence University
  23. Incentives Regulations of Providence University for Professional Licenses
  24. Incentives Regulations for Students' Academic Progress in Providence University
  25. Regulations for "Loving to Read Books," Low Income Student Study Grants of Providence University
  26. Grant Regulations for Providence University Students Participate in Professional Competitions
  27. Implementation Directions for Off-campus Internship Curriculum of Providence University
  28. Implementation Regulations for University Formulated "Service Learning" Required Courses in Providence University
  29. Operational Directions for Providence University Non-Department of English Language, Literature and Linguistics Students’ Exemption from Taking English Course
  30. Award and Subsidy Regulations for Providence University Students’ Foreign Language Proficiency Test
  31. Enforcement Directions for University Formulated Supporting Measures of Graduation Requirement about English Proficiency in Providence University
  32. English certification test scoring comparative table of Providence UniversityEnglish Proficiency in Providence University