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Weather Conditions
Taichung has a warm humid subtropical climate. An average annual temperature of 23.3 °C (73.9 °F) with the highest temperature of the year occur in July and August, while the lowest temperature occur in January and February.

Recreation Areas
There are three main areas on campus where you can play sports and exercise. The first area is the gymnasium (#17 on the campus map) it is close to both the girls and the boys dormitory. In the gymnasium, you can rent different kinds of equipments to use such as basketballs and volleyballs. In the basement of the gymnasium there is a weight room, ping pong tables, and a wall climbing wall. Also, there is a track on the second floor of the gymnasium just around the basketball and volleyball courts so you can walk, jog, or run indoors if you would like. The second area is the indoor swimming pool (#18 on the campus map). The third area is the stadium and outdoor multi-purpose courts (#19 and #20 on the campus map). This area is close to the main gate of the school. In this area, there are basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. You can also rent equipments for the outdoor courts. As for the stadium there is a big track people exercise on and in the middle of the track people sometimes play soccer there. As a reminder, make sure you pay the fees first then you will have access to the gymnasium and swimming pool.


There is free wi-fi all around campus. All you need to do is log in with your student ID and password on the browser of your phone. The wi-fi connection in the dormitories is not that good so it is best if you buy an internet cable cord.
On Campus Dinning (*) and Recommended Restaurants

  1. Zhi Shan Hall (across the girls dorm)*
  2. White Beard (coffee and tea)*
  3. Jing-Yuan (right next to White Beard)*
  4. Yi-Yuan (white building with a Subway inside)*
  5. Curry MaMa 咖哩媽媽 (台中市沙鹿區北勢東路520號)
  6. 吳抄手美食屋 (433, Taichung City, Shalu District, Beishi East Road, 515號)
  7. Mushroom 蘑菇 (台中市龍井區東園巷一弄) (pasta, pizza, burgers)
  8. Dumplings 八方雲集 (433 台中市沙鹿區英才路17號)


  1. BRT (most convenient, free)
  2. Bus (free for the first 8km)
  3. Taxi (when you can not wave one down you can call 55688 to order one)

Shopping (* can be reached with the Bus)

  1. Donghai Shopping District (東海別墅)*
  2. Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市)
  3. YiZhongJie (一中街)
  4. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store (新光三越)*
  5. Top City Department Store (大遠百)*

Postal Services

  1. Providence University provides postal services in Zhi Shan Hall which is the building across from the girls dormitory. The post office is open on Monday to Friday from 8:30-17:00. The post office is usually closed for a little while during lunch hours so be aware of that.


  1. If you ever need to withdraw money, there are ATMs in every 7-11 and Family Mart. Also, on campus there is one just outside the girls dorm and another one right next to the campus post office.

Local Arts and Culture


National Museum of Natural Science (國立自然科學博物館)


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (國立臺灣美術館)


  1. Caihongjuan Village
  2. Taichung Metropolitan Park


  1. PaoChueh Temple


  1. Gaomei Wetlands (高美濕地)


IFB Family
The international office will be paring you up with a mixed group of people which includes several exchange students from China and 2 local Tawianese students. During your semester here this will be your family. There will be several activities set up by the IFB family during the time you are in Providence University. We encourage everyone to attend these activities because it will be an opportunity for you to get to know more local students and learn more about Taiwanese culture. If you have any questions you can first contact your learning partners (2 local Taiwanese students in your family) and if they cannot help you out then you can always contact OIA.





Campus Map